A message from our new DDC Ward Councillor



Just over a month in my role as your new ward councillor!


Mindful of this, I thought that I would take this opportunity to provide you with some background details to help fill any the gaps relating to my new responsibilities to you, your parish councillors, and to the communities that you serve and represent.


Currently I am still serving as Vice Chairman of Alkham Parish Council. And in that role, in conjunction with my fellow councillors, I have been active in championing a whole range of diverse concerns on behalf of local communities. Listening to people from across all backgrounds within our communities to ensure that their voices are effectively heard. As you are all aware that work can be challenging, but very awarding when we get things delivered!


As ward councillor, I believe that even more can be achieved if we can if we can work collaboratively together to help build and develop stronger councils, whose prime role will be to fully understand the needs and views of our collective communities, and help deliver them.


Much has already been done , but it is still work in progress. And it is from this particular perspective I would like to highlight some important and relevant aspects of my job description which my new role demands from me to help and support our ward communities, namely:


  • To represent effectively and impartially the Ward to which they were elected, and bring their communities views and concerns into the Councils: decision making process by becoming the advocate of and for their communities.
  • To champion causes which best relate to the interests and sustainability of the community and campaign for the improvement of quality of life in the community in terms of equity, economy and the environment.
  • To respond to constituents enquiries and representations fairly and impartially, to deal with individual casework and act as advocate in resolving constituents particular concerns or grievances.
  • To contribute constructively to open government and generally encourage all sections of the community to participate in the democratic process.


Obviously my job also demands other DDC good governance responsibilities from me, but I thought it worthwhile highlighting these as I believe that they  fundamentally reflect what is important to our communities and their constituents.


The work to get things done requires overall good communication between us, good interpersonal skills and community leadership. I look forward to working closely and collaboratively with you all.


Thank you.

Cllr Martin Hibbert

Alkham, Capel le Ferne, Hougham